Official Turnabout is Fair Play Policy


I often make fun of people for small mistakes in grammar, punctuation, &c. Partly because I think that sort of stuff is important, and partly because it’s the sort of thing I notice easily and can get a cheap laugh from. However I realize we all (including me) sometimes make mistakes and miss them despite our best efforts (or can’t make our best efforts because we’re on a tight deadline or it’s just not that important or whatever). Therefore I offer the official Bill’s Head Turnabout is Fair Play Policy: If I have made fun of you for some niggling little mistake, I invite you to review my writing here at Bill’s Head to find a comparable mistake. When you find such a mistake (and it is certain that you will, if only you try), I will write a humorous post wherein I acknowledge the mistake and credit you for finding it. I will also print out the mistake and literally eat my words.

Please contact me to submit your correction(s).