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A belated Happy Halloween

I made a Halloween display
Nov 132015

Photo of skeleton riding bicycleLast Fall, sometime before Halloween, I saw this nearly-life-size, nearly-anatomically-correct skeleton for sale at Costco. I spent a good twenty minutes debating buying it–not for Halloween, but just because it seemed like something I should have. I ended up deciding I could live without it, but my sister–completely unprompted by me–also saw it at Costco and got me one for me for Christmas, because she’s awesome like that and knew I needed it. Since then it’s been hanging out in various places around the house, which it occurs to me I should have been posting pictures of for the past year to fill up some of the empty space here at Bill’s Head.

Photo of skeleton riding bicycleWhen Halloween rolled around this year it didn’t even occur to me that Bony (the skeleton–that’s what my niece named him) could be used as a Halloween decoration until E—— mentioned it. On Halloween day I got back from a bike ride with about two hours to spare before the trick-or-treaters were expected, and inspiration struck.

Photo of skeleton riding bicycle

It’s a good thing he was wearing a helmet, as there was a bit of an accident at the end of the evening when he rode into the garage for the night.

Photo of skeleton on bicycle crashed to floor

Those of you who know anything about anatomy might notice that whoever designed this thing reversed the tibia and fibula. That’s probably why he has so much trouble walking.

A Day in the Life: Lunch and Costco

I set out for Costco today to buy a three-pound bag of almonds. I didn't have any urgent need for almonds, or any need at all, really, but it was a good excuse to go to Five Guys for lunch.
Oct 252010

[Editor’s note: This will be mildly amusing to a few of you. The rest of you should just come back another time.]

I set out for Costco today to buy a three-pound bag of almonds. I didn’t have any urgent need for almonds, or any need at all, really: I had told a friend I would get her some the next time I was there.

I did, however, have a need to go to Five Guys for lunch. Not enough need, apparently, because I was having trouble talking myself into it. I wanted to go but I also didn’t want to go. It was that kind of day. I sure didn’t want to be at the office, working. Then I remembered the almonds. Almonds at Costco. Costco is in the same shopping center as Five Guys. “Since I need to go to Costco anyway,” I thought, ignoring the fact that I didn’t really need to go to Costco, “I might as well go to Five Guys for lunch first.”

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